So you’ve passed your CPL class, now what?

So you have sat through the classroom, the legal presentation and done the range time. What’s next?
You should have received a certificate for passing the class. Now you take your Michigan Id or Drivers License, a completed (but not signed) Concealed Pistol License application, form RI-012 (Here), your certificate and 100 dollars to the county clerk where you reside. Sign the Application in front of the clerk so she can notarize it. and pay the licensing fee. Then take the receipt from the clerk plus $15 and have your fingerprints done at the police department or the County Sheriff’s where the clerk sends you.
Hang on to your receipt until your cpl comes. This receipt will serve as your cpl after 45 days unless receive a denial letter or your CPL in the mail.
Full instructions can be found here Concealed Pistol Application and Instructions

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