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byDavid Tubergen on

To start i let my cpl expire 3 times, once because i was out of state, and other stupid reasons. BUT Between taking the class at west walker gun club, port city pistol, and Chucks class was most thorough, fun, felt very comfortable. The guns he provides (AT A MORE THAN REASONABLE RATE) are comfortable, well balanced and easy to shoot for all. As an Eagle scout, i have known many shooting instructors over the years. Chuck makes everything cut and dry, he tells you the proper way and perfectly coaches. From newbie to expert.... youll learn alot! A+ Thank you Mr. Bates! RECCOMENDED!

byTyler on
Awesome class

Chuck was a very knowledgeable instructor and very easy to learn from. If you are considering taking a CPL class, I cannot think of a reason to take any class other than a CPL616 class.

byBryce Clark on
Awesome class!

I had a 1 on 1 class with Chuck and he is an awesome instructor! He makes things very easy to understand, and does a great job answering any questions you have. The class itself is very informative as well. Growing up around firearms, I thought I was pretty knowledgeable, but this class taught me quite a few things that I didn’t know. Chuck does a great job making sure that safety is his #1 priority, and making sure it is for you as well. The class was fun to take, especially the range portion. I would definitely recommend taking your CPL through Chuck!

byCin on
Great Class

The class was very informative and Chuck was an awesome instructor he was very patient with everyone. He was extremely helpful and answered any questions or concerns I had. I was extremely nervous at the beginning of this class because I had never held a gun let alone shot one. I am happy I took the class as I am now much more comfortable and have confidence when it comes to handling them now. I would highly recommend anyone who is thinking about taking this class with Chuck to do so it was a great investment!

byTameka on
Great Instructor

Chuck was absolutely knowledgeable, informative and patient as I had no firearms background. He took his time explained things made sure to answer any questions that I may have had. He made me feel totally comfortable at the range and I didn’t feel pressured or rushed to shoot and be perfect. Great Guy even offered to train with me outside of class. Thank you Chuck I’m a lot more comfortable with firearms thanx to you!

byLathan on
The Truth

Sup y'all, this is my very 2nd review I've ever done in life.
I'm only doing this review, because my man Chuck is a beast.
I thought this would be a complicated course. It was actually easier then I thought. (My man Chuck came thru fa me). He made it all make sense. Plus he'll take the time to answer any questions you may have. Long story shout thanks Chuck..!!
5 stars hats off

byLindsay on
Private CPL Class

We decided we wanted to do a private CPL class because of schedule restrictions and some back pain I deal with. Chuck was great with scheduling a time that worked. The class was very informative and straightforward. He left plenty of time for questions and was diligent in asking if we had any. He was supportive during the shooting portion and never made me feel insignificant. I felt comfortable and safe the entire time. I am now more confident in my knowledge and experience. Thanks so much Chuck!

byTyler on

Very professional and went over every possible detail. Learned a lot and was comfortable the entire time.

byThe Quintino's on
Excellent Experience

This class was very efficient and straight forward, you will defiantly learn the basic and important parts about CPL and gun use. Chuck, the instructor, defiantly made it easy for you to ask any questions during the period judgement free and made the hands on experience very comfortable where you will be able to learn the use of a gun at your own comfort level, especially for those that are beginners. He also offers further level classes to help those get more comfortable with using their guns which I found very smart and fun! No matter the level of gun experience you are at ! Call/text/email today to schedule your class and get educated and have fun!

byKathy on

Excellent glass, very thorough, very laid-back and Chuck is just a great guy. I would recommend him to anyone from beginner to expert.

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